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The VADL Effect


Tamas Kis, 2020

VADL gives each team member ownership over projects that will make or break the success of the entire team. This level of ownership gave me the experience I needed to transition quickly into work at Relativity Space and to be comfortable getting assigned mission-critical tasks.

Relativity Space


Michael Gilliland, 2017

I’d always loved building things, but VADL taught me how to do so with engineering rigor on an intensive project, from pre-design numerical modeling to exacting fabrication to exhaustive systems testing and documentation. VADL built the foundation for the way I think and work as a professional engineer.

SpaceX / Neuralink


Cameron Schepner, 2021

VADL has allowed me to combine classroom taught lessons with real world engineering problems. The NASA USLI competition offers a complete end-to-end engineering project where students have a large control of where the project goes.  I will forever be grateful to this team for jump-starting my aerospace engineering career.


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